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Universidade Católica Portuguesa

The Portuguese Catholic University launched a set of initiatives to improve its digital experience. To rethink the information architecture, redesign and develop the websites for every school, a communication platform with foreign students and an alumni portal were some of the initiatives Driven played a role.

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The starting point was the user experience and development of the website for the Catholic Lisbon School of Economics. Following the success of this project Driven continues to be challenged in several initiatives to improve the digital offer by creating a Drupal installation that supports all schools.


Consolidating the information architecture for all educational units was a major challenge, together with a scalable visual language for a variety of applications. Integrating Drupal with Sugarcrm was the right move that enabled editors with more autonomy in managing content and data.


A structure capable of responding to all schools websites, a portal that allows foreign students to apply and follow online the entire application process and a portal where alumni can manage their information. And the show goes on.

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