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Nossa Aposta

When Cofina, one of the biggest Media group in Portugal, decided to enter the highly competitive and regulated online gaming world, by launching Our Bet (Nossa Aposta), Driven was called to define the overall experience, insuring also the portal development and the integration with the gaming platform. A challenging project where nothing could be left to chance.



Cofina was looking for a fresh brand that would stand out from its main competitors. A look & feel that showed character but with a casual and relaxed mood, without compromising the user experience. 
In technical terms, the greatest challenge was the integration of different game frameworks from different vendors. The application architecture was also an exciting problem to solve, since safety was a crucial concern throughout the process, as well as the legal impositions by regulatory and approval authorities.


We began our study with a benchmark to infer trends and standards from the main market players, both national and international. UX and Visual Design were considered key differentiators from the beginning, although we had some constraints given the game frameworks in place.


The result is a gaming platform with a unique and functional design, with all the security recommended by the regulator. The platform was conceived to drive fun and playfulness, although without ever forget to counsel and promote a responsible way of gambling.   


Setting the tone with design

One of the design goals was to provide a fresh and liveful experience to clearly differentiate it from its main competitors. We carried out studies on several websites of other operators, and together with all stakeholders it became clear the need to achieve a look & feel that would be distinct and innovative without shifting the user attention from the main purpose of the website.


Integrating with game providers

Widgets, frameworks, functions, APIs… we did a careful study on the information provided by third-party vendors so we could implement everything with high quality standards.


Security, control and responsible gaming policy

The security of the assembled system architecture and the strict control of usage and transactions is the main concern of gaming operators. Therefore, Driven helped coordinate and assist in assembling the system architecture, which allowed system approval and the assurance that all regulations imposed are precisely followed.

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