Imagine a platform where you could identify your target audience, create your advertising messages to be delivered on multiple channels (mail, email and SMS) and send an advertising campaign to the whole country or to a specific area in just a few quick steps. This is CTT Ads.



The greatest challenge was to design a multichannel advertising and campaign management experience that could be simple for an “amateur customer” but at the same time sophisticated and well-suited for a client with experience in creating complex campaigns.


We conducted interviews to gain in depth knowledge of the  current CTT advertising clients and potential users, especially their needs, pains and aspirations. By benchmarking existing solutions, in the postal market and not only, we identified the best practices and failures of the current offer. We then defined and design the overall experience of the platform.


A self-service advertising campaign platform, that allows clients to create and manage multichannel campaigns supported by CTT’s wide range of advertising solutions. 

Listening everyone we could

A key challenge was to listen and understand users expectations. What needs have been identified and why, what usage referrals do they have and which business goals do they value. A product should not reflect all the features users say they want, but reflect what they need after analyzing the reasons why they claim they need those features. Understanding the goals and motivations was essential to our later work on the flows and functionalities that could meet users needs. The several interviews were crucial in this process.

Step by step

While clients gradually complete information about the campaigns, CTT Ads recommends targeting and communications options according to the needs of the client. This way, clients are driven and supported in decisions such as campaign goals, target audience or channels.

Do it yourself

One of the advantages of using CTT Ads is the ability for anyone to build ads, work on content and send it to their target audience. All this through an intuitive interface and existing templates on the platform. Printing, finishing and delivery is also part of the service, without given clients an ounce of work.

Let´s do something together!

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