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For us, what defines strategy is simple: analyse the present, forecast the future and define how to get there. 


Right from the start, we focus on learning as much as possible of every aspect of the challenge at hands.

Through a combination of discovery workshops, in depth interviews, ethnographic and desk research, competitive benchmarks, among other techniques, we try to gather insights that provide a clear picture of the organisational landscape, the market behaviour and trends, and, last but not least, the humans that will use, buy, recommend and enjoy your products and services.

Given the fast change of technology, shifting user expectations and a highly competitive landscape, having a clear roadmap to create sustainable business advantages is key. Only by understanding new markets and business opportunities, can we help prepare digital disruption.


Who you are and where you are

  • Organizational Landscape
  • Market and Competitor Insights
  • Customer and User Research
  • Tools and Processes 


Where we could go

  • Experience, Product and Service Strategy
  • Omnichannel and Multi-platform Strategy
  • Digital Transformation Opportunities
  • Business Case Development


How to get there

  • Organization Planning and Development
  • Product and Service Roadmap
  • Technology Roadmap


The basic essence of Design is problem solving. When every interaction represents your brand, an holistic experience is of utmost importance and the toughest problem to crack. So, we focus on designing meaningful experiences that engage customers across every interaction, every touchpoint.

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Technology is the underlying fabric that makes tangible the strategy and the design artefacts. We build digital products and services using open source technologies and products that deliver value and expand possibilities.

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