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We help companies and brands to envision and implement the full digital experience of their customers. Experience Design represents the cornerstone of our services, uniting our skills and promoting an human centred vision to all our projects.


In today’s customer-driven market, experiences matter more than ever.

When you work with our Experience Design team, you get a design-led approach that turns human insights into business impact, throughout crafted experiences that embrace your customers and your brand in a multi-channel approach. We combine design thinking, market knowledge and design expertise to help you define intent, fit and meaning to your digital products and services.

Main Capabilities

Design Research

Human centred design is more than knowing your customers: it’s also about the market, the industry, the organisation. We apply a holistic view of research, keeping it nimble as possible, but always focused on getting the bigger picture.

  • Customer Behaviour Research and Profiling 
  • Industry Trends & Competitors Benchmark 
  • Organisation Landscape Analysis
  • Service Experience & Touchpoints Audit

Design Research

Experience Strategy

Strategy requires actions, places and intent. Our experience strategy practice focus on helping to explore market and customers opportunities, unveiling new concepts that solve an old problem or instigates disruption in the industry. Either way, we are here to explore and define what, to whom, how and where your products and services will emerge.

  • Concept, Vision and Strategy Definition 
  • Experience & Touchpoints Definition 
  • Strategy Roadmaps
  • Digital Brand Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Rapid Prototyping & Validation

Experience Strategy

Digital Product and Service Design

Even when a product or service seem simple, a good deal of work was done in the backstage to provide a seamless and pleasant experience. Our design practice helps you to add structure, order and flow to your products or services, crafting the interactions and engagements customers will experience.

  • Information Architecture 
  • Interaction Design
  • Service Architecture
  • Product and Service prototyping

Digital Product

Visual Design and Digital Brand Systems

It is easy to dismiss visual design as a simple aesthetic question. But it’s not that simple. Colours, typography, shapes, images convey emotions, rhythm, structure and sense. We work with you in defining all these aspects, but also in creating coherence and patterns, so that your brand experience maintains its identity across mediums and channels.

  • Digital Brand Design and Development 

  • Digital Design Systems

  • UI Design & Guidelines

Visual Design

How you can work with us


The usual way of doing business, from turnkey projects to building specific components or simply to help you envision and shape the vision and strategy.

Design Sprints

Design sprints enable us to work with you, in a well defined and objetive time period, with a clear purpose. One week to explore and test solutions for a specific problem.


Co-design, co-exploration, design thinking, tackling a specific problem, are just some of the examples of smaller interactions in which we can engage and collaborate.


It is a complex and ever changing world we live in. We  evaluate the organisational, competitive and technological landscape our clients operate. And try to know in depth their customers. That knowledge allows us to discover opportunities and unveil how to reach them in an human centred way.

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Technology is the underlying fabric that makes tangible the strategy and the design artefacts. We build digital products and services using open source technologies and products that deliver value and expand possibilities.

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